nirvir Rajyogi BK Nirwair Ji Secretary General, Brahma Kumaris

Now in his 73rd year, Rajyogi BK Nirwair joined the organization at a very young age of 20. Half a century has gone by but the zeal and the enthusiasm of youth persists. Rather, these traits have blended with maturity and mellowness. In nutshell, Nirwair Ji is the Crown Jewel of Bap Dada and the beacon light of the divine family.

Brij Rajyogi BK Brij Mohan Ji Addl Secretary General, Brahma Kumaris

He is basically a chartered accountant and law graduate. He is not only a good writer but also an effective speaker. He is ever ready to visit any place in India and abroad for Godly service. His organizational skills were reflected in the creditable organization of the Platinum Jubilee Celebration Programmes held in Delhi.

   karuna BK Karuna Chief of Multimedia  , holding a number of titles such as Multi-Media Chief of RERF, is known for his keen power of observation and single-minded devotion to his work. Thanks to his tireless efforts, Godly message has reached millions of people across the world through electronic media. He has been honored with certain national and international awards for his significant contribution to media for social change.
 Mruthyunjay-Bhai1 Rajyogi BK Mruthyunjaya JiExecutive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris

Comparatively young, BK Mruthyunjaya bears two important responsibilities. As Vice Chairperson of Education Wing (RERF), he is instrumental in introducing Value Education Programmes in different Universities. He is the Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris. He displays both insight and fore-sight as a very successful planner. He has been honored with the title “Dynamic Indian of the Decade” by KG Foundation. He was also honored with “Morarjibhai Desai International Award for Peace Education – 2003”.

 munni Rajyogini BK Munni Bhen

An Excellent Organiser Based at the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters for a very long time, BK Lakshmi, lovingly called Munni Behn, is well-known as an excellent organiser. She is very active and alert and gifted with a very sharp memory. She has the unique quality of looking after the minutest details of different programs or projects of the organization.

 yesu-dadi Rajyogini BK Ishu Dadi

She is one of the original gems of the Yagya. She has the honor of joining the organization at a very tender age. Her honesty faithfulness, loyalty and integrity attracted the attention of Brahma Baba, who assigned her the responsibility of handling his correspondence and more importantly the finances of the institution. She was the right hand of Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani, the then Chief of Braham Kumaris and travelled along with her throughout India and in foreign countries, giving Godly Message. She is a silent and self-effacing serviceable instrument of the Almighty. In brief, she is a role model for the new generation.