Courses, Seminars and Workshops

Throughout the world the Brahma Kumari’s centres offer a variety of short courses, lectures and seminars which focus on the development of specific personal skills and qualities of character. These include:
Positive Thinking

How to use the mind in a positive and focused way.

You are what you think. What you say, what you think and what you feel, all have their origins in your mind. The energy of the human mind is thought, the greatest but least understood energy flow in the universe.

When we learn to understand and harness the energy of the mind, we are able to master our lives and produce those thoughts which give the most happiness and fulfillment.
Stress Free Living

Understanding, managing and preventing stress.

Few people are able to perceive stress as a positive sign in their life. Absorbed by the tension, anxiety or fear at the heart of the stress experience, it is not easy to see and to hear what our stress is telling us. It is simply a messenger guiding us back to a state of balance and health. Meditation, creative visualisation, positive thinking and detached observation are the four key skills to manage and prevent stress.
Self Managing Leadership

A course for professionals on how to manage one’s thoughts, emotions and behaviour when in a management role.

For anyone, a “change crisis” is a period of tension and uncertainty, but for those who have the responsibility for leading others through a period of chaos, the demands can be unbearable unless they have exceptional “self- management” skills. These necessary skills include integrating priorities, clarifying purpose and values, learning to focus mental energy and the development of authentic communication skills.
The Four Faces of Woman

Reconnecting with the eternal self.

Emerging from millennis of domination, women over the world are seeking understanding, empowerment and positive ways to help restore balance and harmony to themselves and our world. How do women continue to use the strength of their feminine qualities to remove the constraints of past centuries? The Four Faces of Women guides us towards the rediscovery of our core innocence, connecting us with its power.
Self Management Quality of Life

How to increase your self-value

Change invariably demands creative responses from human beings, especially in an organisational context. Nowadays, the challenge to be better is greater than ever before. Flexibility, co-operation, respect, sensitivity, tolerance and determination are just some of the human values that are required in the hectic work-place at the turn of the millennium.

This course deals with how to be what you need to be.
The Secrets of Self-Esteem

How to build and sustain self-esteem and self-worth.

Self-esteem is one of the most crucial ingredient for a happy and successful life. It affects our ability to fulfill our potential, sustain good relationships and feel at ease with ourselves and our talents.

Knowing who and what we truly are and realising our innate positive attributes is the foundation of inner transformation and also the basis of effective self-management.
Project Positive Change

How to develop a Positive Personality

This positive change course is designed especially for the young people. Youth have many distinct qualities such as physical vigour, creative intellect and innovative mind. The main purpose of the course is to motivate them towards positivity and equip them with sufficient skills so as to enable them face challenges of change.
Positive Approach to Total Health (PATH)

The PATH course is designed to train different groups of society for better understanding of health and to maintain harmony of all aspects of life – physical, mental, social and spiritual.
Stress Management & Right Thinking (SMART)

SMART course is designed to educate and train all the cross sections of society to face challenges of life in a better way without harming the health of the individual and others. The increasing of the self-esteem and change of attitude can create a harmony between head and heart.

Education in Values & Spirituality – Post Graduate Diploma Course

One year Post Graduate Diploma Course – Education in Values & Spirituality is being offered by this Institution through different universities. This course empowers individuals with moral, ethical and spiritual values. This has been widely recognized as a powerful tool to overcome individual and social problems such as: drug-addiction, stress management, balancing relationships, harmony & brotherhood of mankind, maintaining peace and tranquility of individuals.