What is BrahmaKumaris?

A Five minute introduction to BrahmaKumaris

It is a Worldwide Instiution with its 110 branches spread around the Globe. The BrahmaKumaris has its origin about 72 years back when Dada Lekhraj got visions about how this world is going to get transformed into a peaceful deity system. Moving in search of truth he got all the replies after the incarnation of the Divine in his own coil awakened his inner self too all in Sindh (Karachi) in 1937. Now the headquarters are based in Mount Abu, the peaceful hilly terrain of Rajasthan in India.

Is BrahmaKumaris a Religion?

It is an “Art of Living” which is beyond Religion. The teachings can be summed up as:

  1. Meditation is a must for a peaceful living.
  2. True knowledge is wisdom reflected into our attitude.
  3. Unless you do not give to others, you do not get. Be good, Do good is our motto.

How can BrahmaKumaris help me ?

BrahmaKumaris is a Selfless Society whose principles and guidelines lead us to practicing values in life where the Supreme is our guiding light whose proof is seen as success in all walks of life with great positivity.

Why is BrahmaKumaris honoured Worldwide?

BrahmaKumaris is being honoured for the reason of pure and positive vibrations being felt by its followers. These vibes emerge due to the direct link with the Divine by way of Meditation. Also, here it is believed “honour is received when we honour others”.

Who was Brahma Baba?

Dada Lekhraj was born into a religious family in Karachi located in Sindh in 1876. His father was a Schoolmaster and uptil the age of 60, he kept changing 12 gurus in life unless one day in the daily Satsang, he got the visions of Almighty and about the changing world situations in the near future which enlightened him towards transforming himself first before all. After then, through him, Almighty revealed many secrets of life which helped others to bring about positive changes in lifestyle which thus, become “Art of Living” for all. He then left his body in the age of 93.

Is Brahma Baba a God ? Who is God?

He was not God. But he became important as a medium to make us meet our long lost and now found Father of all Souls-The God. His body became a tool in which God descended down to bring World Transformation.

And God is the one who has been remembered as the Ocean of Love, the Intellect of the Wise, the Almighty Authority, the Comforter of Hearts, the Truth, The Living Being and the Blissful One.

Therefore, BrahmaKumaris is not a sect worshipping idols but the one which produces ideals who become idealistic after taking powers from God in Meditation.

Does BrahmaKumaris believe in other Religions?

Yes, BrahmaKumaris strongly believes in the core principles of all religions and respects them from its heart. Nonethless, it is worth mentioning that it believes moreso in equality of all religions because God being the Father of all is One and therefore, his children, we all too, belong to one family rather than naming it a Religion.

Is BrahmaKumaris Scientific or is it Spiritual?

BrahmaKumaris is a wonderful blend of Science and Spirituality where each individual here uses the instruments and means of Science for comfortable living and on the other hand have a Spiritual Mindset too which keeps their stage stable and positive in situations of crisis too.

What is taught in BrahmaKumaris ?

Here a 7 day course involves knowledge about Self, Supreme, Significance of human existence in this World cycle, Karma Philosophy and building connection with Supreme God through Rajyoga Meditation.

What is the knowledge about Self?

Each one on this Universe has a unique role to play, as though we are Actors on this World stage. Therefore, this body is a costume and the Self within is the imperishable entity which needs to be remembered. But what we remember very often is the body and its relationships which is the main cause for all sorrows and sufferings.

What is Karma Philosophy ?

A man was blind throughout his life but was very good indeed in his Behaviour. People tried to find out the reason why he was blind inspite of such nice Behaviour and deeds. They called a Psychologist, who took him into his remote past by way of some techniques and found out that in past birth he was into a king’s territory and was given the role of punishing people by pulling out their eyes before the death sentence. He did that role not for the sake of doing but he also enjoyed killing people by pulling their eyes out which became his hobby and therefore, it resulted into him being blind throughout his life in his next birth.

So, Karma needs to be done being an instrument and not with interest– is the crux.

How does meditation help?

Meditation is in fact a medicine for Soul. The true knowledge about the Self works as the food for Soul in which meditation is like a fuel added to a motor car before driving. It keeps us in our boosted spirits and builds confidence and gives us a positive approach to deal with life wherein lastly an individual finds himself successful.

How do I become a BrahmaKumar or BrahmaKumari?

In a way, becoming a BrahmaKumar or a BrahmaKumari is a mindset. If your attitude is that of Brotherhood for all, if you are generous, a positive thinker all the time and if you are connected with the Supreme constantly then that itself makes you a BrahmaKumar or a BrahmaKumari. Of course, there are certain individuals who have surrendered their lives for this great task but ideals are not many, only a few.Therefore, not necessary to renounce the world and then get a degree of a BrahamKumar or a BrahmaKumari.