Wing’s Aims & Objectives :-

Education is one such field where you cannot limit its scope and objectives within the fold of language. No doubt these goals would be specific, yet their attainment involves the whole human culture and civilization across the world. Still the Education Wing formed its own aims and objectives and has always been working towards their attainment and the larger goal of attaining the New World’.
However, some of the specific objectives of the Wing are:
• To develop character in human personality with purity in consciousness, peace in mind and prosperity in life.
• To develop holistic personality and bring divinity in the society.
• To provide training and refresher courses for educators to bring spiritual empowerment.

• To support dedicated and devoted educators becoming inspiring and effective role models. To give moral and spiritual education as well as instruction in Raja Yoga meditation to teachers in various schools and colleges.
• To re-establish, through education and research, a society based on spiritual, moral and human values.
• To remove ignorance, superstition, and social evils through spiritual education.
• To raise awareness through education and counseling about the adverse effects of alcohol,
• drugs and tobacco.
• To inspire students to develop their personality and social values based on the principles of human values.
• To inculcate dynamic spirituality among students so that they could withstand the suicidal tendencies aroused on account of frustration and tension.
• To educate students to be free from bad habits, addictions and blind faith and become the true and ideal support to their family and society.
• To make the students aware of the threat of global warming and the importance of eco-friendly environment.
• To enhance the inner powers of students and teachers and professors through Raja Yoga meditation.
• To improve the study and examination performance of students through concentration and memory power
• To develop harmony in relationships at family level and social level, so that we can create a one world family.
• To train the students and teachers to enjoy a tension-free life so that every citizen of India may become an asset to the world.
• To create the awareness and training to come out of social evils, so that a crime free society is. created for better living
• To stabilize and control the mind through positive thinking, to create a psychological problem free society.
• To make everyone aware of their rights and responsibility so that they can be free from exploitation of any individual or group.
• To develop all-round personality through spiritual skills to enjoy every situation coming on their way instead of having fear and worry.
• To develop and sustain the true art of living to lead a lotus-like life and have a balance of work and pleasure.

For the attainment of these objectives, the Education Wing has been doing dedicated service for the last three decades. It has organized from time to time, at regular intervals, the Children’s Personality Development Camps, School Teachers’ Conferences, University and College Teachers’ Education Conferences, Dialogue & Meditation Retreats, Environmental Awareness Campaigns etc. Such programmes are a regular annual feature of the Wing and most of these programmes are organized at the Headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris.